Introducing Our List Of Superb Asian Dating Sites

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If men or women from Asia have always attracted your attention, then you visited the right page. Because today we will review the best Asian dating sites and all aspects of this niche. We will do a short breakdown of the key features of the mentioned websites, their superb services or options, the pros and things that should be improved. So there is no need to choose out of thousands of Asian pages on the net, we did this job for you.

Sites To Find Chinese Women And Other Dating Sites

Having a relationship online is surely one of the best options to convert your interest into real dating. The continent of Asia is huge not only in terms of size but also in terms of population, religions, different cultures. Imagine 60% of the world’s population lives here. And to get lost in the choice is quite easy. Fortunately, this Asian segment shoved great progress in recent decades – whether you are interested in Filipino, Chinese, Thai, or Vietnamese women and men, there are web pages specialized in specific nationalities or huge resources gathering all potential dating partners of different origins together.

Asian woman

How To Choose The Best Asian Dating Site?

It is a nice and easy dating Asian through the internet. But you should always remember about risks, present in this type of communication. For example, a hot beauty(handsome macho) on the picture, in real life, cannot be attractive at all in real life. Or, the person that you were corresponding for years with will not come for a real-life meeting. And it can be only a love tap. After a nice picture and sweet words, the scammer can be hiding. Does this mean that you should avoid Asian dating websites? No, you just need to be careful and ready for surprises.

Safety Rules On Dating Sites

You should follow a few basic rules for protection from internet scammers.

  • Never share with a person on Asian dating sites your financial or personal information (social security, passport, bank account number, and so on). Stay on a safe side, don’t trust strangers on the internet, even if they sims a nice person. Bad people always pretend to be good;
  • be attentive with different links shared by a new friend on the web page. Some of the links can be malicious, spam, or in the worst case, a bait made by hackers to steal the account. Top Asian dating sites are fighting with fake profiles and scammers, but you should be careful too;
  • before signing up on any Asian web resource for romantic relationships, create a new email account and use it for registration. This precaution will save your main account in case of a successful hacker attack;
  • don’t mention in the profile information the exact time of your daily routines(jogging from 7:00 to 8:00, or language classes from 8:00 to 9:00);
  • your first real-life date with a person from an Asian dating site, better organized in a public place. Inform your relatives of friends where are you going and keep the phone near;
  • if you received spam or abusive messages, don’t hesitate to inform an administrator of the Asian website. Or even in a case, you suspect an interlocutor is a scammer.

Now, after learning simple safety rules is time to provide to the next step.

Pre-chat Decisions

If you don’t have a clear vision of what do you want from a future Asian partner, it is better to spend a couple of minutes determining the criteria of the search. If the person you are looking for must be of category “40+”, better not to register on popular dating website for teenagers. You will just waste time.

Check the member base. Survey how many accounts are active daily and what is the amount of new members joining this Asian site on average. However, the too great number is sometimes negative, because your profile can dissolve among millions of others.

Study the comment section under the review of the preferred Asian dating web page and pay attention to:

  • are there too many fake accounts;
  • what is an atmosphere on the website;
  • do you need to spend extra money on different options;
  • are there real stories of successful relationships.

In general, similar to the safety rules above, make some preparations.

The Best Asian Dating Sites

Our list of Asian dating sites is slightly different from other similar lists. We didn’t choose candidates based only on the size of a member base (besides many providers count inactive profiles for an advertisement purpose). Or the order of appearance in google search. The name was not a criterion too. Our list is pretty subjective and is based on the comments of real people, like friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors, friends of friends(in some way, all the personnel of our office took part in creating this review). On the other hand, this list is a product of true stories with a happy end.


AsianWomenDate has a couple of traits that are rare in an Asian dating site niche. Like news pertinent to Asia and people from this continent (this feature is very useful for starting the conversation or for showing your awareness and knowledge of interlocutor’s culture/origin/country). Also, greeting cards are available. Some validation instruments let users verify information about occupation, major, age, or income.

AsianWomenDate main page

Many men consider it as the best dating site to meet Asian women. And it is not surprising – it specializes in traditional sexual relationships, the interracial priority with western/middle eastern/African man and a lady from Asia.

  • Prices: no need to pay for signup
  • Number of members: thousands of active users
  • Type of focus: heterosexual, Asian, Interracial
  • Years at service: more than 10 years


It supports twenty-four languages, including English, German, French, Arabic, Spanish and other. East is represented by eight Asian languages, which is one of the best results on the market.

AsianDating main page

AsianDating is the biggest and leading resource of the Cupid Media network. The special feature of this network is its member’s base. It shares a user database with three dozens other niche websites, such as IndonesiaCupid, FilipinoCupid, HongKongCupid, MalasianCupid, KoreanCupid, ThaiCupid, and VietnamCupid.

In our opinion, visually, it is one of the most beautiful websites. On the question “what is the best Asian dating site?”, many people answered “AsianDating”. If you don’t mind the cost, AsianDating can offer the biggest confirmed member base of people from Asia amid all other providers.

  • Prices: $30.00/month or less, the price depend on a type of membership you are signed up
  • Number of members: Millions
  • Type of focus: Asian, long-term relationships, casual
  • Years at service: more than ten


PerfectMatch main page

Asian matchmaking sites becoming more popular in recent years. PerfectMatch Asian Singles not only easy to navigate but also pleasant to look at. However, there is one nuance; anyone can join the website; it was not created specifically for the Asian market. On the other hand, you can filter a search by race, so it is hurt to outmatch it with the overall number of users.

  • Prices: According to membership it varies, signup is free
  • Number of Members: Estimated to be several million
  • Type of focus: serious relationship, casual, Asian
  • Years at service: sixteen


The most famous amid free Asian dating sites is AsianDateNet. With a vigorous search system and a large number of users, this website is a top choice, even if the design lags behind on the attractiveness scale.

AsianDateNet main page

Formerly Asia Funs and now rebranded into AsianDateNet provide extra options compared to a usual provider of analogical services, like surveys, blogs, and articles, happy stories of the former members. They also have an interesting, constantly-updating window on the bottom of the operational page, which shows who logged recently and some info about those new visitors.

  • Prices: Free (website is often ranked as one of the best free Asian dating sites)
  • Number of Members: thousands of active users
  • Type of focus: family-oriented, marriage-minded
  • Years at service: fifteen


It was first created in 1974 as a photo catalog, later, transformed into an internet dating service. CherryBlossoms provide singles with an opportunity to meet family-oriented Asian ladies who want to find caring and loving men. If necessary, CherryBlossoms provide their clients with visa support – this kind of service is really rare nowadays for this industry. For Asian singles dating site is an option to change the life for better.

main page CherryBlossoms

You’ll notice very quickly, most of the members are female. Filipinos are the majority on the dating website; however, there are also women from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other states and kingdoms of Asia.

  • Prices: $30.00 for a one-month membership, longer membership, lower price
  • Number of members: Uncertain
  • Type of focus: Interracial, Asian, family-oriented, marriage-minded
  • Years at service: Forty-five years, including a time when CherryBlossoms was a photo catalog


The most successful and popular amid Asian American dating sites is EastMeetEast. Fulfilling, passionate and happy relationships are a target of this service provider. This web page is great in terms of the members – both males and females in 90% of cases are Asian-American and represent a category 18-34 years old. The users of the recourse often say that couples with the same background and interests are destined to be strong.

The profiles are very detailed and informative, especially compared to the vast majority of other dating websites.

  • Prices: $35.00/month if you buy a one-month membership or $11.99/month if you purchase a six-month membership. Also, there are other options.
  • Number of members: near a million from the USA
  • Type of focus: Asian-American, family-oriented
  • Years at service: Six years

EastMeetEast main page