How to Get a Chinese Girlfriend

Last Updated on September 20, 2022

Asian women are very popular all over the world. That is why many Western men wonder how to get a Chinese girlfriend. The girlfriends from Asian countries are smart, attractive, and incredibly beautiful. Foreigners are looking for Chinese women to have an affair or even create a family. So what is the secret hidden behind these girls? How to get a soulmate from Asia and where to look for her? All these and many other questions will be covered in the article. Definitely, every girl is unique regardless of her nationality. But the main idea about Chinese women remains the same. Read this piece of information and know how to get a Chinese girlfriend in America.

Why Should I Fall in Love With a Chinese Woman?

There are many cases of international marriages when men from America or Canada marry females from Asian countries. And those couples do not only live on online platforms. There are plenty of staggering facts about why Chinese girls are so attractive.

They Are Natural

Everyone knows that Asian girls have exceptionally pure and pretty skin. Their skin is a standard of beauty for world-famous cosmetic companies. Even mature females look like 20 years old sophisticated girlfriends. Men find their beauty mind-blowing.

They Are Sporty

The majority of Chinese girls lead a healthy lifestyle. They eat a lot of fish, rice, and vegetables and keep fit. What could be more appealing than dating a healthy, focused person?

They Take Care of the Skin

People who want to keep their skin young avoid the sun rays. It is all about Asian girlfriends. They apply sunscreen every day and get a massage for the elastic body skin.

They Monitor Water Balance

Drinking enough water is not the only secret to keep the skin hydrated. Oriental females hydrate their skin with a special facial spray. Thus the skin remains fresh longer.

how to get chinese girlfriend

What Are the Spiritual Values of Chinese Girlfriends?

We all love to judge a book by its cover, but human relationships do not build only on partners’ appearances. Foreigners are looking for a Chinese girlfriend because such a girlfriend is spiritually enriched.

They Are Smart

Except for oriental beauty, the girls have a great level of intelligence. They keep abreast of financial literacy. It means the girls will not spend your money as much as possible. When you decide to create a family with one of the Asian girls, you can be sure your salary will not be spent on unnecessary things.

They Care About Manners

There is a huge difference between Western and Eastern girlfriends. Chinese girls have been taught to be polite and appreciate older adults since their childhood. If you become a husband of an oriental girlfriend, you will be treated with respect. The moral principles they support are a great bonus when dating a Chinese girlfriend.

They Follow the Oldest Traditions

Asian religious rules claim that wives should be a great support to their husbands, they should clean the house and raise children. Nowadays, Chinese women don’t lose these canons. A family is the most sacred gift. That means oriental misses will recognize long-term relationships as a marriage-to-be.

What Are Recommendations on How to Find a Chinese Girlfriend?

Now when you know that Asian girlfriends are in demand, the question is how to find a Chinese girlfriend. There are two working ways:

  • Offline. If you want to find an oriental miss in real life, you need to expand your circle of friends. People often get to meet each other while hanging out in big groups. In this case, your friends can bring you together or interfere with your happiness.
  • Online. Dating online is one of the most convenient ways to look for a partner. There you can choose the Chinese girl by her profile, interests, photos. It is quite easy to start communicating online and then go on a date.

How to Build a Connection With the Chinese Girl Online?

Even if you are both communicating behind the screens, there are some rules you should follow to make a good impression.

Fill In Your Profile

Oriental women prefer dating men who take their relationships seriously. Thus make your profile detailed and true. Add a photo, write your interests, and point to your social status: education, place of work, etc. A good profile makes you a reliable person.

Continue Communication

If you are an interesting person to one of the Chinese girls, she will give you her phone number. The girlfriends from the East are not afraid to take the first steps when they feel a suitable partner.

Come Through the Texting Period

This stage is very important for oriental girls. It may last for two weeks and more. This is the period to get to know each other. When you feel that the relationships are getting closer, you can try writing a Chinese love letter for your girlfriend.

Tips on How to Build Long-Term Relationships With Asian Women

A lot of Western men think: “I want a Chinese girlfriend”. Indeed, Oriental girlfriends are unusual, so you need to apply a special approach to start dating one of them.

Become Her Friend First

As mentioned previously, Chinese girls will not let you into their circle of friends until you get closer to them. Don’t expect to think about relationships on your first meeting. In China, it is in the nature of things to have many friends for a girl. Otherwise, how will she know you are suitable for relationships? The best way to become friends is to spend time together with her mutual friends.

Watch Your Manners

Chinese women are known worldwide for their good manners. And in general, no one likes to get in touch with ill-mannered people. Mind following rules:

  • Don’t say bad jokes about her in front of others.
  • Watch your language, avoid saying rude words.
  • Never say bad things about your Chinese girlfriend’s parents.
  • Don’t mention politics while discussing something.
  • Treat her national culture and traditions with respect.
  • Spend time with her and give her emotions.
  • Never say you are a couple if you are just friends.
  • Don’t get to meet her parents if you feel this is not your person.
  • Don’t date her for fun.
  • Show your feelings, say compliments to her, and treat her with respect.

Learn Some Chinese Phrases

The majority of Asian girlfriends know English well as they learn it in school. And Chinese is a really difficult language to operate. Do you know how to get a Chinese girl to like you? At least, learn how to pronounce her name with the right accent. There is no doubt your girlfriend will be surprised by how much effort you take to be with her.

Spend Time With Her

This rule is so important for all couples. Instead of sitting in front of your computer, spend more time with her. Don’t check your phone every time you are on a date. Chinese girls are especially sensitive to whether they are interesting to you.

Chinese Girl

Respond to Her Messages

Dating online is the field with many candidates. As Chinese girlfriends are very communicative, they expect the same attitude. Don’t make your potential girlfriend worry about that.

Mind Cultural Peculiarities

It may be a great challenge to understand traditional differences when you are trying to find a Chinese girlfriend. Western and Eastern cultures are different. Read the next statements to avoid misunderstanding when meeting a Chinese woman.

  • Individualism vs collectivism: In Western countries, people develop their individual qualities. They look for ways to stand out from the crowd. It has nothing in common with China. The Chinese support collectivism: they like living in groups.
  • Family values: Here is the big gap between the Western and Chinese worlds. In the West, new families want to be independent. They move to another apartment, city, and country. In China, families consist of several generations and live together.
  • Money spending: People from America and Canada are more likely to save money for trips or expensive things. They buy a lot and live more like consumers. It is vice versa in Chinese countries. People there save money to feel stability and power.
  • Privacy rules: In Asian countries, it is a common thing to ask someone about a salary, family problems, and everything else. People are open to sharing their secrets, even in a big group of friends. However, in Western society, it might be rude to show interest in someone’s deals.
  • Personal space: For Americans and Canadians, it is okay to kiss a friend while meeting. But not for oriental traditions. If a Chinese guy looking for a girlfriend, he is not allowed to kiss her on the cheek until they are dating.
  • Sharing a meal: Do not be surprised if you are sitting with the Chinese girlfriend in the restaurant and hear her slurping. For the West etiquette, it is taboo, but for the East one, it means that the meal is delicious. The purpose of food is also different. Americans, for example, eat to recharge their bodies and increase their level of energy. Chinese have special ceremonies while they are eating.

What to Expect from Meeting a Chinese Girlfriend’s Parents?

If your girlfriend from China wants to meet you with her parents: you are very special to her. Chinese parents extremely care about their daughter’s fate. And if you fail it, you will fail your girlfriend too. Take it very seriously and prepare before meeting with parents.


Chinese girls differ from Western ones. They are family-focused, so if you want to just hang out, do not promise an Asian woman something more. Mind the cultural differences, treat her with love, respect her family, and your international couple will last forever.

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