How to Meet Japanese Women

Last Updated on January 24, 2023

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Dating Japanese girl is the hidden fantasy of thousands of single males. It is no secret that Asian women have always exercised a sensational charm on Westerners. Western men are going crazy with Asians. Why does it happen? Needless to say: they are different from other women, both in terms of facial features and bodies, both in character and culture. If you meet Japanese women, a new unexplored world can open before you. That’s why here you can find an explanation of how to get a Japanese girlfriend and ways to chat with these beauties. Japanese girls have unique rules than Western females.

❤️ Success rate 80%
🇯🇵 Popular Japanese cities with brides Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo
💰 Average cost of a Japanese bride $1,400 – $5,100
⌛ Average age of Japanese brides 25 y.o.
💔 Divorce rate 20%

Find real women for marriage online

Chiaki 24 y.o.
Location Tokyo
Occupation Model
Kids No
Chie 22 y.o.
Location Nagoya
Occupation Student
Kids No
Chihiro 23 y.o.
Location Tokyo
Occupation HR
Kids No
Chika 25 y.o.
Location Nagoya
Occupation Hairdresser
Kids No
Chō 23 y.o.
Location Tokyo
Occupation Blogger
Kids No
Emi 25 y.o.
Location Kyoto
Occupation Writer
Kids No
Fuyuko 21 y.o.
Location Nagoya
Occupation Singer
Kids No
Hanae 27 y.o.
Location Kyoto
Occupation Doctor
Kids No
Haru 26 y.o.
Location Kyoto
Occupation Writer
Kids No
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Where to Meet Japanese Women?

A man can just go down the street, go a few kilometers and meet Japanese ladies. This approach can give results if he lives in a big city. But what should a man do if he is shy, doesn’t know how to talk to ladies, or just doesn’t have enough confidence? Maybe he could make friends, but then what? The right decision can be to use the Internet. Facebook is an excellent service to find Japanese women to date. Then the specialized online dating sites take over. Thanks to these portals, getting to know girls becomes more accessible than ever.

Japanese Women

How to Meet Japanese Woman Online?


FindAsianBeauty is a new Japanese girl dating website that has unlimited options for all singles. So you have the choice to meet Japanese beauty for relationships or just a hookup. An extended search option, which is very easy to adjust to the needs the user has, gives the chance to find matches. You can find Japanese women looking for men that have something in common with you: interests, hobbies, occupation, or religion. With this option at FindAsianBeauty, you can narrow down your search to a specific age, country, or online status. 

FindAsianBeauty Japanese dating site is an opportunity to get some results in the search for relationships with stunning Japanese women. The advantage of the service is that there are lots of active women. Some female users even have verified accounts. You can be informed about all processes and notifications either via email or internal messaging system, e.g., new contact suggestions. Customer support is available free of charge via email. 

Japanese bride


With lots of members in different countries, AsianBeautyOnline is the community for every single man who wants to meet Japanese girl. Lots of stunning ladies are online every day, making this adult community an active website. Here are lots of lovely girls of all ages and social groups. Everyone will be convinced by excellent quality and modern design. The profiles of beautiful and sexy ladies are detailed and impressive. AsianBeautyOnline members are not looking for a quick sex contact but are relocating part of their lives to this dating portal. 

If you want to broaden your erotic horizon from your home desktop, you can’t avoid this service. Both the functionality and membership prices are convincing. Registration at AsianBeautyOnline is completed in a few moments – and you can start looking for a partner. It has an advantage for lonely men. Japanese women can choose only the best while they have a large selection of potential girlfriends.


The best way to meet Japanese women is to use DateAsianWoman. It focuses on the mediation of erotic adventures. Dating can be about “relationships without obligations.” Experience, hot meetings, and exciting acquaintances are in the foreground here. The offer is aimed at singles who have not yet found their dream partner but want to live out their dreams. Compared other online dating sites DateAsianWoman can be tested free of charge. 

You can register fast with some details, including password, email, gender, date of birth, nationality. After that, you can create your profile for free and test whether you can get a profit from the service. It can fulfill some of your secret wishes with unlimited chats that everyone can get after buying a credit package. Every man can be selective here and specify what he wants to see in his future woman. However, once you meet Japanese lady one at the site, it quickly gets down to relationships. Compared to other portals, DateAsianWoman offers you to buy credits instead of membership. With them, you can unlock the service you want. You only pay for what you use. Overall, this site is worth trying when seeking girls looking for dates.  

Japanese Women

Advantages of Looking for Japanese Girlfriends

When the man starts asking himself the question “Where to find Japanese girls?”, he tries to understand what traits do these women have, what they enjoy, and how they behave. You should know what you will get if you meet Japanese ladies. 

These women are:

  • Low and thin with a bright, sweet, sentimental and reserved complexion;
  • Plump and sweet;
  • Polite and feminine.

To understand how to date Japanese girls, take an in-depth look at their features.

  • Females from Japan look charming, have style, and are aware of it. Japanese ladies look great; they know how to dress. It gives them self-confidence and makes them fascinating.  
  • Japanese women have passion: all females are generally susceptible and sentimental, but they have an “emotional intelligence” that distinguishes them. Japanese brides can love for no particular reason, and no one can be bored with them. To meet a Japanese lady, you should take one step and get love in turn.
  • Japanese women love food: they enjoy good food, eat it, talk about it, clap their hands when reading a menu in the restaurant, know how to cook and learn it since they are young. One might think that they can put on a lot of weight, but look at them! 
  • Japanese women love gentlemen. Japanese girls online want men to be careful not to offend them, to behave like a gentleman. You can remove the hat, offer her the chair before sitting down at the table or open the car door for them, feeling like a real old-fashioned man.
  • Japanese women love foreign boys: exotic men are a secret dream for them. It’s normal to love another culture and people. Maybe that’s why these females are fascinated by what they consider “exotic.” Being able to “handle” a Japanese woman is not at all simple. You could spend a whole life without succeeding.

Japanese woman

How to Date a Japanese Girl?

If a single man asks something about how to get a Japanese woman online, he should know the rules that he should follow while dating a woman. Real flowers, perfume… Despite everything, men forget that sometimes a whispered “I love you” is much more effective than a little heart sent on Facebook chat. Learn that seducing in our times does not mean just writing messages and chatting online.

The first thing to do to be lucky in the dating field is to stop thinking that you are a loser and stop self-pitying yourself. The only thing you can do is stop suffering and use all the opportunities you have. The more significant the amount of time you try to get on with women, the better your results. The more the man’s self-esteem rises, the more he becomes from unfortunate to lucky. 

Real Users Experience

Success Story #1 Image
Gian and Mui Orchid Romance logo

One day, a friend told me about dating site and said it was the best way to find someone special. At first, I was hesitant because this wasn't my typical style of meeting people. But after browsing through some profiles for a few days, I decided to give it a shot. That's when I came across Mui's profile. I took the plunge and sent Mui an invite to chat online one evening after work hours which she accepted! We continued talking every day after work until finally we decided to meet up face-to-face We clicked instantly; like two pieces of puzzle finding each other at last!

Success Story #2 Image
Wylder and Shu CupiDates logo

It all started with a simple swipe to the right. I had been on the dating site for several weeks, but nothing seemed to be working out until one day when Shu's profile popped up in my feed. I had no idea who she was or where she came from, but something about her captured my attention and before I knew it, we were messaging back and forth. After months of getting to know each other better through conversations and video calls, Shu finally asked me if I wanted to meet in person. Of course I said yes! After dinner we went back to her place where things got even more intimate as our connection continued growing stronger than ever before…until suddenly it was already morning again! That's how our story began – with a single swipe.

Rules of Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend

Lots of single males have a firm idea of ​​what the ideal woman should be. Does she exist? Is there a standard that should stop a man from conquering someone because a woman doesn’t look like an ideal one? Having a fixed image in your mind is not something that helps you find a girl.

The right method is to drop the idea of ​​perfection and let yourself go to emotions. Just think of a Japanese woman, her hair color, height, age. Your girlfriend is your choice. Every Japanese woman, with the mix of her qualities, could still be perfect for you even if she is outside the standards. To do this and meet Japanese singles, choose a dating service, and use a search option.

The exceptional case will be if you and an Asian woman speak English to discuss all questions and topics that come to your mind. Look at common interests you have or can you exchange information about current issues. Ask questions and show the Asian woman that you are fascinated by her, her family, country. Try to remain on the same wavelength, also when it comes to having children and planning for the future.

Japanese Women

How Good Are Japanese Women for Dating?

There are a thousand different reasons why Japanese women are worth meeting. First of all, because they are splendid and they wait for nothing but to be known. Their features are incredibly delicate, much more fragile than those of Western women. Also, Japanese girls dating means going beyond your borders and interfacing with a whole new culture. Other reasons that can motivate men to meet Japanese women? 


Making contact is not straightforward. But it is worth trying. If you dream of having a practical, “meet Japanese women near me,” dating services are precisely a crucial point in the search. These services are places where to meet Japanese girls; you need just one click. 

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